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We also promote the safety of all the people who will take part in discovering the sunken ships buried in the heart of the sea.

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We have already played a significant contribution in making sure that there will be a standard operating procedure to be followed for the safety of everyone.

The 3 Incredible Shipwrecks That Has Not Yet Been Discovered

There are a lot of pieces of history that we have learned through all the discoveries done with the shipwrecks that have been found but what we do not know is there is still more wreck that has not yet been found until today. We have heard a lot, but more is waiting to be uncovered. Here are the top shipwrecks that we are still looking for up to this date.

Santa Maria

It was a ship used by Christopher Columbus. As a matter of fact, it was the third ship he used for his exploration, but it never had the chance to come back in one piece. As the record says, there are no valuable cargos left on this ship as the things inside it was salvaged and taken out, but there are theories that Santa Maria had already been buried in the sediments of the sea.

HMS Endeavour

It was famous because it was the ship used by Captain James Hook around the 1700’s. It’s just that the ship was sold to the British army when it sank through the ocean. There is an on-going search for the ship that started the journey of Captain Hook, but up to this date, it hasn’t been found.

The Griffin

If you are curious which the first ship to cruise the Great Lakes is, it was none other than The Griffin. There is no substantial evidence for everyone to know what exactly happened of its disappearance. There are rumors though that it could be due to storm or some misunderstanding with the people on the ship. There have been a lot of individuals who tried to look for it but failed. It’s as if the ship doesn’t want to been found.

There are still a lot of ships waiting to be discovered, and hopefully, we can find them one by one the soonest possible time. Just imagine all the history that we can uncover once we found these ships.

The 3 Best Shipwreck Sites That Will Amaze You

We have all heard of all the amazing and famous shipwrecks that have been found in the deepest part of the ocean. Though it is true that these ships have sunk, we can’t help but be amazed at the things we could see and learn from it. Check out the best shipwreck sites that will amaze you.

1. The Titanic

Who doesn’t know Titanic? I bet no one as it is the most famous shipwreck of all time. There is no doubt about that. The most amazing sunken ship was found in the year 1985. The story of Titanic is not something new for everyone as it has been made famous by the movie. Though it is the ship that kills a lot of people, there is still something amazing about it due to the grandeur of the sunken luxury ship.

2. The Vasa

It is another ship that is full of luxurious things because it was made as a warship to honor the late King Gustavus Adolphus. It was just saddening that it sank not long enough after it left the harbor. The good thing about this ship is that you do not have to go diving if you want to see it. It has been salvaged from the sea, and it is now standing tall in Stockholm where the Vasa Museum is located.

3. The Ghost Ship

Many years have passed, but the Ghost Ship seemed to have been frozen in time. Due to the kind of water, the Baltic Sea has, the ship is still in an excellent condition if you will compare it to other shipwrecks that have sunk around the same time way back 1600’s. Unlike many other ships, there was no exploration sent to look for it, but it was just accidentally found as if the ship wanted the human kind to find a piece of history.

These are the three most incredible shipwrecks of all time. There is no doubt that these three have seemed to be frozen in time.

The Top 3 Tips to Safely Dive a Shipwreck

If you are somebody who is enthusiastic and curious about the shipwrecks, there are a lot of things that you should know before indulging on a dive. It can be dangerous most especially if you are not yet an experienced shipwreck diver. It is a lot more complicated than a typical scuba dive. Check out the tips on how you can be safe when diving through a shipwreck.

Always follow the mooring line

In every dive that you have to make on wreck site, there is always a mooring line available. Don’t lose the path. Make sure that you will always follow it because if anything happens the mooring line with be your way to get to your boat quickly.

Be mindful on where you started

If the shipwreck that you are diving is something enormous, there would be instances that several mooring lines are available depending on how large the ship is. Once you are down in the water, be mindful of your starting point. Where you start is where you should finish your dive as well. It is the safest thing to do so you will not end up in any diving boat.

Take advantage of the current

Not all the time that the current are so strong. If you just got down, use the path against the current while you are exploring the site. It is just like taking a stair. It will be much easier to find your way back if you use the current to go back once you are already tired.

Follow the three tips stated to make sure that you will be able to finish your shipwreck dive safely. The sea possesses a lot of danger that can unexpectedly happen, so it is always in your best interest to be on the safe side of things.

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ProSEA is the number one organization that helps people about the importance of the things that can be found under the ocean. We also promote the safety of all the people who will take part in discovering the sunken ships buried in the heart of the sea.

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