Untold Shipwreck Stories

The 3 Incredible Shipwrecks That Has Not Yet Been Discovered

There are a lot of pieces of history that we have learned through all the discoveries done with the shipwrecks that have been found but what we do not know is there is still more wreck that has not yet been found until today. We have heard a lot, but more is waiting to be uncovered. Here are the top shipwrecks that we are still looking for up to this date.

Santa Maria

It was a ship used by Christopher Columbus. As a matter of fact, it was the third ship he used for his exploration, but it never had the chance to come back in one piece. As the record says, there are no valuable cargos left on this ship as the things inside it was salvaged and taken out, but there are theories that Santa Maria had already been buried in the sediments of the sea.

HMS Endeavour

It was famous because it was the ship used by Captain James Hook around the 1700’s. It’s just that the ship was sold to the British army when it sank through the ocean. There is an on-going search for the ship that started the journey of Captain Hook, but up to this date, it hasn’t been found.

The Griffin

If you are curious which the first ship to cruise the Great Lakes is, it was none other than The Griffin. There is no substantial evidence for everyone to know what exactly happened of its disappearance. There are rumors though that it could be due to storm or some misunderstanding with the people on the ship. There have been a lot of individuals who tried to look for it but failed. It’s as if the ship doesn’t want to been found.

There are still a lot of ships waiting to be discovered, and hopefully, we can find them one by one the soonest possible time. Just imagine all the history that we can uncover once we found these ships.

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