ProSEA offers a lot of benefits to everyone who wishes to be a member. There are a lot of things in store for you. You get to have an organization that will make sure all your rights are protected. It doesn’t matter if you work on your own or you belong to a company that explores the deep waters for the remnants of the past because we will be with you to make sure that you will have the approval to do what you have to do.

Company Membership

If you have a company that specializes in discovering the wonders of the deep seas, there are a lot of thing that you can benefit from ProSEA. Aside from your rights, we can also guarantee that you will be updated with all the information you need about the world of shipwrecks.

Personal Membership

It is the membership that is only applicable to individuals who are working on their own. If you are alone in this kind of exploration, it is the more reason why you should sign up for the personal membership offered by ProSEA. You will need all the protection we can provide you as well as the information that you need about the different updates.

You can write us an email at if you want to inquire about the membership fees.

About Us

ProSEA is the number one organization that helps people about the importance of the things that can be found under the ocean. We also promote the safety of all the people who will take part in discovering the sunken ships buried in the heart of the sea.

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